I’m going to see Dead Man’s Bones on Tuesday. That means I’ll be seeing Ryan Gosling in the flesh. Even though the album is pretty awesome it is such a HUGE bonus that he is in this band. 

About a week ago now, as I was walking home from work with my boyfriend I noticed this guy walking down the street. I looked at him and thought “gee, that guy looks like Jack White”. As he came closer and we crossed the road a bit more and this man was directly in my viewpoint, I grasped my boyfriends arm and tried to quietly yell “OMG THAT’S JACK WHITE”. He heard me, unfortunately and briefly looked over at us. I didn’t know what to do. He was with two other guys (one guy from Dead Weather). I didn’t have a pen/paper or a camera so what was I supposed to do? Go up behind him, tap him on his massive shoulder and tell him I’m a fan? So instead I convinced my boyfriend (who is not a fan) to follow him with me. So we followed him for about 6 blocks. They turned up one street and I followed until I was right behind him and then out of nowhere they turned around and it’s a possibility he noticed us again from before and realized we had followed them and not have said anything to them. So after almost ten years of admiring him, I got SO close to talking to him. Instead I walked behind him and imagined what I could have said to him. Sure it was lame not saying anything but I think it would have been worse if I muttered out something really lame. But it indeed was him because Dead Weather had a show the next night. What I gathered from that was he is a big guy, walks like a dude, fixes his hair a lot and PALE. 

So that weekend before that I was in New York and I saw Russell Brand in the East Village and Frank Black of the Pixies also in the East Village, THEN Jack White in MY neighbourhood. It was a start studded weekend. 

All the bands I’ve seen this year (the most I’ve ever seen in one year). In no order.

These are powers, Chinese Stars, Japanther, Ninja Sonik (x2), King Khan and the Shrines, Constantines, Yeah Yea Yeahs, Kap Bambino, Decemberists, Tiga, Bonnie Prince Billy, Lightning Dust, Woods, Abe Vigoda, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Monotonix, Japandoids, Vivian Girls, Spank Rock, The Oh Sees, Grand Duchy, The Ting Tings, Bear Hands, Built to Spill, Usaisamonster, Neil Young, Wilco, Tusks, Harbourcoats, Beach House, Dan Deacon, Dungen, Zoobombs, Aids Wolf, Weakerthans, Duchess Says, Mudhoney, Stevie Wonder, Ben Harper & the Relentless7, Montreal Jazz festival stuff, Death Set, Health, Crystal Castles, A Place to Bury Strangers, Brutal Knights, Rufus Wainwright, Mika Miko, Coathangers, Sloan, Tom Cochrane, Leonard Cohen, Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Oasis, and more. 

Top Five…. in no order.

Fleet Foxes

Ryan Adams

Neil Young/Wilco

Rufus Wainwright,

Leonard Cohen

They stole my heart…. especially the singer. I must see them again (soon).

They stole my heart…. especially the singer. I must see them again (soon).

summer loving.

This summer has been pretty amazing. This weekend was full of amazing shows. Went to Osheaga on Sunday and saw Rufus Wainwright, Decemberists, The Ting Tings and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. 

Rufus was amazing as always. His mother joined him on stage and sang a few songs with him which was great. I forget how amazing this guy really is. 

Decemberists were really disappointing. I had high hopes for them and I was pretty let down. 

Yeah yeah yeahs killed it. I’m not a huge fan but seeing them live made me like them a lot more.

Then last night I saw Fleet Foxes, FINALLY after like two years of obsessing over their albums. I could not get over how amazing their voices are. Probably one of the best shows I’ve seen since I’ve lived here. I couldn’t have been more happier with the show. Except for the girls around me. I can’t believe how rude some people are (mostly when there’s beer involved). Why do people need to yell at the top of their lungs to talk to their friends, especially during a quiet song. It ruins it for everyone around them. So other than that, it was amazing!! 

on the road again…

So it’s been done. I’m moving back home. Sad. I can’t afford to live here any longer and I’m not getting anywhere by living here. So it’s onto the next chapter of my life. It’s been fun though.

I am going to New York City tonight for four days. I’m pretty excited for that though.

I don’t have much to say anymore.

I <3 summer.

My day has consist of eating breakfast out on the balcony, getting an iced drink, going to the park. Reading my awesome book by the fountain (and randomly getting sprinkled by it because of the breeze), walking around, watching tourists and it’s only 12:30pm. Now I’m going to play guitar for a bit, read out on my balcony then go get a sub for dinner and have it in the park. Tonight I’m going to go see Mika Miko and that’ll be my Wednesday.

So into Bright Eyes right now. It&#8217;s easier to appreciate him when you&#8217;re a 24 year old girl not in an emo stage. It&#8217;s a good soundtrack for a muggy summer night. 

So into Bright Eyes right now. It’s easier to appreciate him when you’re a 24 year old girl not in an emo stage. It’s a good soundtrack for a muggy summer night. 

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